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What do I need to start driving lessons?

You must be 17 years of age and have your provisional license.

How do I get my provisional license?

Send a completed D1 form to the DVLA. A D1 can be obtained from the post office. Once you have received it back your ready to go on your 17th birthday. (you can apply for your provisional at 16.)

How many lessons will I need?

To be able to pass your test most learners have between 40 and 50 hours. Normally in two hour slots, once a week. You can have more if you wish?

My parents only had 10 hours, why do I need more?

Everybody learns in a different way and all lessons are tailored to you. There is no set script. However everybody who attends and passes a driving test needs to reach the same standard. To be able to pass your test you must to able to drive to a high standard. The standard of the test has become higher and with more traffic on the road and more complex roads more training is required than 20 years ago.

Can I have one hour a week?

Yes, however it will take longer to reach test standard.

I think am ready for my test but my instructor says I need more lessons?

A good Instructor will only take you for your test when you are ready and can drive safely unaided, at Premier School Of Driving we have your best interests at heart. Ask yourself can you do all the things you need to to a high standard without the need to be told or prompted first time? If the answer is “no” then your not ready. Most people who fail their test are just not ready. You should have no problem passing first time if you follow the advice of your instructor.

I have my own car, should I use it to practice my driving?

Yes, providing your car meets all the legal requirements tax, insured etc. You must have someone to sit with you. This person needs to be over 21 and have held a license for that type of vehicle for at least 3 and half years. The person sitting with you must follow all the same laws as if they were driving, i.e they cannot use a mobile phone when sitting with you.

When you do practice, it's best to practice what you have be doing in your lessons using the same ways you have been taught.

Your instructor can give you further advice on private practice.

What car will I do my test in?

The same car you used for your lessons. You can use your own car if you wish. Some pupils choose to have their lessons in their own car.

What happens if I cannot get it right?

You will get it right, it just needs practice like other skills you all ready have. Like when you learnt to walk, write, read all these skills need practice to get better and be able to do unaided. However you need to be prepared to invest sufficient time into learning to drive. It is a life skill.

Can I do an intensive course?

No problem, subject to yours and your instructor availability, however you will still need to reach the same standard. An intensive course is only beneficial if you can do a test at the end. There is no point learning to drive in just a few weeks if you have not done your theory and/or the driving test the driving test waiting list is eight weeks long. Most people learn better over a period of time so they can absorb all the information.

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